Hejduk Towers, City of Culture, Santiago de Compostela -Spain.
7,000 meters of optic fiber strings - 150 meters square - 25 meters high
Site-specific Installation

​ This intervention fills the negative space between the Stone Tower and the Glass Tower in order to imply the production of a third 'non-existent' Tower. Thanks to the mathematic proportions and symmetry with which the Hedjuk Towers were constructed, the idea of ​​the existence of a third tower inverted in the negative space was conceived.
Based on this concept of "nonexistence", the fabric installed, handmade elaborated under the mathematical parameters of the golden succession in order to release the eminent load of the wind on the structure, seeks to be an integrated atmospheric intervention into the environment "that it looks like is and is not" It is completely imitated with the landscape of Mount Gaiás, which varies in intensity according to the light that the fabric receives. To achieve this result, the mesh was colored with almost imperceptible dyes and inverted the colors of the sunset to contrast with the sky's changes in light.

This is a series of photographs that summarize the passage of the day looking through the installation.
One photograph every 4 hours.
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Through A Horizon without a body By Fredy Solan
Director: Fredy Solan
Artistic Director: Fredy Solan
Production: Cidade Da Cultura De Galicia Foundation - Spain.
Edition Adrián Álvarez
Director of Photography: Adrián Álvarez
Assembly: Production and Management Cultural Sl PXC
Cidade Da Cultura De Galicia Foundation:
Maria Pereira | Director
Álvaro Prego | Technical office
Antonio Maroño | Technical office
Carlos Pedreira | Technical office
Carmen Menéndez | Department of Exhibitions
Roi Fernández | Graphic Design
Berta Galo | Marketing And Communication
Ignacio Fernández | Marketing And Communication

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